Mike Tyson Reacts As Tyson Fury Claims He Would Knock Out A Mike Tyson In His Prime And Lists Himself As No. 1 Heavyweight ‘For The Last Thousand Years’ /d

Tyson Fury has made a bold and controversial declaration, asserting that he would knock out a prime Mike Tyson and that no heavyweight from any era in the past thousand years could defeat him. Fury’s statement has sparked significant debate among boxing fans and analysts, as he listed legendary fighters he believes he surpasses.

In a recent interview, Fury stated, “There isn’t a heavyweight from any era in the last thousand years that could beat me. Never mind the Mike Tyson from the 80s, Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis, Lennox Lewis, George Foreman, Ken Norton, Rocky Marciano, Floyd Patterson, Gene Tunney, Jem Mace, John L. Sullivan.”

Fury continued, “I am the greatest fighter. Going back to the beginning, none of them could beat the Gypsy King. I’m too big, I’m too good, and I have too many styles. I’m too versatile for them to even touch me.”

He didn’t stop there, boldly proclaiming, “I am the greatest fighter. Never mind heavyweight, the greatest fighter.”

Fury’s comments have naturally stirred controversy, especially considering the legendary status of the fighters he mentioned. Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis, and others are regarded as some of the greatest boxers of all time, each having their own unique impact on the sport.

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