Teddy Atlas weighs in on Jake Paul’s “dangerous” decision to fight Mike Tyson: “I think he might be making a mistake” /d

Boxing expert Teddy Atlas has given his thoughts on Jake Paul’s upcoming boxing match against Mike Tyson.

Jake Paul, Mike Tyson

Later this year, Jake Paul and Mike Tyson will collide in a blockbuster boxing showdown. Of course, as you can imagine, there’s been a lot of criticism regarding the bout and why it’s even been booked.

Many have looked towards Tyson’s age as one of the big reasons why it shouldn’t happen. At the same time, others have highlighted some of his recent training montages on social media and suggested that he’s got a real chance here.

Now, the aforementioned Teddy Atlas has weighed in, and he’s got a pretty interesting view on the matter.

Atlas’ view on Paul/Tyson

“I think this is a very dangerous fight for Paul,” Atlas opined. “I think early on, early on, I think he might be making a mistake because, first of all, for me, he don’t got a lot other than money, and he’s made plenty of money. There’s not a lot to winning on his side because if he wins, they say he’s 58 years old, you know. And if he loses, they say he’s 58 years old, you lost to a 58-year-old guy.”

“For me, he’s got a lot more to lose than Tyson,” Atlas said. “A lot more, I mean, Tyson, whatever they’re paying him, he’s been making good money, you know. He’s come back, like I said, in his life. He’s done a good job having the people around him, I guess his wife is part of that obviously, where they’ve done a good job to get him on the track they’ve gotten him on.”

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