Tyson Fury’s corner including dad John slammed over ‘terrible and unprofessional’ antics during defeat to Oleksandr Usyk /d

CARL FROCH has lashed out at the “terrible and unprofessional” advice given to Tyson Fury by his corner against Oleksandr Usyk.

Fury was beaten over 12 thrilling rounds by Usyk, who was crowned the undisputed heavyweight champion.

Tyson Fury's corner against Oleksandr Usyk was slammed

Tyson Fury’s corner against Oleksandr Usyk was slammedCredit: X @SkySportsBoxing

John Fury speaking to son Tyson in the corner

John Fury speaking to son Tyson in the cornerCredit: X @SkySportsBoxing

Fury was beaten on points by Usyk


Fury was beaten on points by UsykCredit: Getty
The Gypsy King had head coach Sugarhill Steward joined by assistant trainer Andy Lee and dad John in the crowded corner with him.

And footage has emerged of all three talking at the same time to Fury with John in particular talking over Sugarhill.

Froch fumed on talkSPORT: “When you’ve got three people – including Big John Fury the fighting man – when you’ve got him in the corner shouting and screaming at you while you’ve got two other people giving you advice, that means you’re listening to absolutely nobody.

“I thought that was terrible and really unprofessional in his corner. It was bad.”

Usyk became the first undisputed heavyweight champ since Lennox Lewis achieved the same feat in 1999.

But he is the first to do it in the four-belt era, replicating that same success at cruiserweight too.

Usyk has also shot to the top of Ring Magazine’s pound-for-pound rankings as the best fighter on the planet.


So Froch – who reigned at super-middleweight during his prime – urged the Ukrainian hero to retire now on top.

Froch said: “He’s got nothing to prove. He’s beaten AJ twice, he’s now beaten Tyson Fury.

“He is the generational great for me. Usyk is the main, he is the leader of the pack.

“When you look back at this generation of heavyweights you’re going to look back and say ‘Oleksandr Usyk is the main man, he’s dominated.’

“In my opinion, he should retire, he’s done everything he needs to do, he’s made enough money, he’s mastered the game, he’s completed boxing.

“There is nothing left to do. undisputed cruiserweight, undisputed heavyweight, 37 years old, getting towards 40.

“When I retired I was nearly 37. Usyk is at that age where I know how you feel in training camp and how you feel in round seven and eight.

“He’s completed boxing, hang up the gloves, and turn it in. That is my advice to him.

“I don’t think he’s got anything left to prove, the rematch proves nothing.

“Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury and the rest of the heavyweights can fight for the number two position.”

For all the love for resurgent AJ… these two are head, shoulders and fists ahead of everyone else

OLEKSANDR USYK is the deserved undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, writes Wally Downes Jr

A great biggun doesn’t always beat a great littleun, not when David has the weight of a besieged nation on his shoulders and is able to swing each compatriot into every punch.

Usyk did what Usyk does, he moved magnificently, he counter punched and he outworked his taller and heavier opponent.

He somehow manages to use every physical disadvantage to his favour.

But what the hell is Fury doing getting up in round nine?

Why is a father-of-eight with £300million in the bank, three best-selling books and a Netflix series going to the well like?

Britain is not fighting back Putin’s army, Morecambe is not occupied.

So when the 35-year-old’s senses are scrambled, when the canvas is calling him, when he is so desperate not to be felled he is willing to bounce around all the ropes like a drunk, when he eventually has to collapse into a corner, why doesn’t he just stay down?

He has earned the right to surrender as well as his millions.

The sheer courage and guts and bloody mindedness it takes to climb off that deck, with a broken nose and a crumbling ego is not comprehensible to us mortals.

Fury said he felt he won the fight but was too dignified to call robbery or corruption, no doubt his dad will taint that decency by the time you’ve read this.

The rematch will be superb.

Because for all the love we have for a resurgent Anthony Joshua – who was ringside for that iconic event – these two polar opposite men are head, shoulders, fists, hearts and brains ahead of everyone else.

There is the top two, then there is a void and then there is the rest.

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