‘VIDEO’ Jake Paul Cried Asked His Brother ‘Logan Paul’ To Avenge Him After Being ‘knocked-out’ By Mike Tyson In Just 31 Seconds In A Private Match. /d

In a stunning turn of events, Jake Paul found himself on the receiving end of a swift knockout by boxing legend Mike Tyson in a private match that lasted a mere 31 seconds. The YouTube sensation turned boxer was left reeling after Tyson’s lightning-fast punches left him incapacitated and in need of medical attention.

As the news of Jake Paul’s defeat spread like wildfire across social media platforms, fans were shocked to learn of the extent of his injuries. The once-confident Paul was seen in tears, pleading with his brother, Logan Paul, to avenge him in a heartfelt moment captured by onlookers.

Witnesses described the emotional scene as Jake Paul, bruised and battered, turned to his brother for support and assistance in seeking retribution against Tyson. The plea for help from Logan Paul echoed through the boxing world, igniting speculation about a potential rematch between the Paul brothers and Tyson.

While the outcome of the private match may have been a bitter pill for Jake Paul to swallow, it has undoubtedly fueled the flames of anticipation for future showdowns in the world of boxing. As the drama unfolds, fans eagerly await the next chapter in this gripping saga of rivalry and redemption.

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