VIDEO: Savannah James criticizes Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian when talking about modern dating scenarios thanh1123

Savanah James and Taylor Swift pose for the camera.

Being the wife of LeBron James is no easy feat and Savannah James has been doing that flawlessly for 11 years. Apart from being the HC in the James household, Savannah has her own business ventures and brands to take care of to keep herself occupied. With two teenage boys in the house, Mommy James is cautious about the dating lives of her boys, which is reflected in a recent episode of the “Everybody’s Crazy” podcast.

In her podcast, Savannah talks about all things from her past experiences to modern-day problems. During the episode, Savannah James talked about the modern dating trend after a caller brought up the matter. Speaking to her co-host, April McDaniel, Savannah said, “I haven’t dated in 100 years. I don’t know what’s going on out these streets. Obviously, talking to you and my other single friends, I noticed it’s tough. I hate it for y’all. But I just think it’s a different time, unfortunately.” (After 10:48)

While her view on the dating lives of the modern day was clear-cut, it seemingly shaded the likes of Taylor Swift, Madonna, Kim Kardashian and John Mayer for obvious reasons.

Savannah, who dated LeBron since their high school days, kept her marriage with the Lakers star intact for over a decade with no signs of even mild controversies. Acknowledging the dating pattern of being intertwined with social media, Savannah’s approach of having more face-to-face conversations to further a relationship came as no surprise, who has remained loyal throughout her years with LeBron.

Savannah James Makes Major Announcement

On her podcast, Savannah James made a major announcement about her current venture with the show. During the final moments of the episode, Savannah announced that “Everybody’s Crazy” merchandise will soon be made available, which includes bonnets, scarves, baby tees, candles, hoodies and also some of their favorite things.

With the growing popularity of her podcast, this seemed the right move from the duo as Savannah has a proven track record of successful business ventures. Apart from the pod, Savannah successfully runs her furniture line and skin care brand alongside her investment in LeBron’s tequila business.

With Bronny James’ impending NBA Draft coming closer, the James family’s earnings are set to get bigger and Savannah’s announcement just gave it another layer of variation to show off the versatility of LeBron James and Co.’s business acumen.

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