Benny Blanco Seems to Confirm Selena Gomez’s Pregnancy Rumors: The Buzz Swirling Around the Internet Is True!?

Rumors are swirling around the internet suggesting that Selena Gomez may be expecting, and now, music producer Benny Blanco seems to have confirmed the speculation. In a recent revelation, Blanco hinted at Gomez’s pregnancy, sparking a frenzy among fans.

Blanco took to Instagram to drop hints about Gomez’s alleged pregnancy. Sharing a story that read, “Me thinking of my unborn child every time I see baby sneakers,” Blanco ignited speculation about Gomez’s maternal status. Furthermore, Blanco’s Instagram feed featured images of babies, adding fuel to the pregnancy rumors.

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Adding to the speculation, Gomez’s social media activity has raised eyebrows. The singer was spotted liking posts related to pregnancy journeys, with one post hinting at the gender of the baby.

Gomez’s interest in motherhood has been evident in the past, despite challenges posed by her lupus condition.

Fans went into a frenzy when Gomez was seen with Taylor Swift, her close friend, with Gomez seemingly cradling a baby bump. Additionally, Gomez’s recent outings with Swift have seen her sporting oversized clothing, further fueling pregnancy rumors.

The duo’s close bond has sparked speculation about Gomez’s relationship status.

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Blanco’s cryptic comments have added to the speculation surrounding Gomez’s pregnancy. While Blanco hinted at having a “super hot girlfriend,” he remained tight-lipped about the details. However, his mention of a perfect partner has led fans to speculate about Gomez’s involvement.

This isn’t the first time Gomez has faced pregnancy rumors. Past incidents, such as her choice of clothing and PDA with Blanco, have fueled similar speculation. Gomez’s silence on the matter has only added to the mystery surrounding her personal life.

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As fans continue to dissect every clue and comment, the speculation surrounding Selena Gomez’s alleged pregnancy shows no signs of slowing down.

With Benny Blanco’s cryptic remarks and Gomez’s social media activity fueling the rumor mill, only time will tell whether there’s any truth to the speculation. Until then, fans are left eagerly awaiting confirmation from Gomez herself.


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