BREAKING: Jennifer Hudson KICKED OUT Common After Common Harassed Jennifer’s Son …

Jennifer Hudson’s Bold Move: The Real Reason She Split with Common

Jennifer Hudson has recently made headlines with a bombshell revelation about her breakup with Common. In a bold move, Hudson is breaking her silence and laying it all out on the table, revealing shocking details that have left fans and onlookers stunned. According to Hudson, Common crossed a line that no one should ever dare to cross: he allegedly harassed her beloved son, David Daniel Otunga Jr.

The Shocking Allegations

Jennifer Hudson is not holding back. She has accused Common of harassing her son in various ways, from suppression tactics to cruel taunts about his father. The nerve of such actions is unfathomable, but Hudson is not one to back down when it comes to protecting her family.

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David is her rock, her ride-or-die, and her one true loyal relationship in this crazy world. Hudson has made it crystal clear: no one is going to mess with her son, not on her watch.

The Breakup

So, what did Jennifer do? She showed Common the door, kicking him out of her home and out of her life faster than you can say “boy bye.” Hudson is not about to waste her precious time on someone who doesn’t respect her family, especially her beloved son. Once again, she has proven that she is a strong woman who won’t back down when it comes to protecting her loved ones.

Common’s Reaction

Reports suggest that Common did not take the rejection well. He is feeling more than a little disappointed, especially since he is used to being the one doing the rejecting. This time around, however, it seems like the tables have turned, and Hudson is not pulling any punches. Could it be that Jennifer Hudson is the karma that Common never saw coming?

The Relationship Timeline

For those who need a bit of background, let’s revisit how we arrived at this juncture. Speculations about Jennifer Hudson and Common dating began in 2022 during their collaboration on the film “Breathe.”

They were observed dining together on several occasions, with eyewitnesses describing them as cozy and flirty. Despite Hudson refuting the dating rumors, a close insider later confirmed to Radar Online that they were indeed in a relationship.

Their relationship took a more public turn when Common traveled to London for the premiere of the musical “A Strange Loop,” in which Hudson had a leading role. This move intensified speculations about their relationship. By January of this year, they confirmed their relationship on Hudson’s talk show, putting an end to the ambiguity.

Public Confirmation

During the talk show, Common expressed his admiration for Hudson, highlighting her intelligence, faith, and down-to-earth nature. He shared his happiness and gratitude for their relationship, emphasizing how seeing Hudson happy made him happy. This public declaration led many to believe that their relationship was solid and that they would now openly showcase their bond.

Common’s Commitment Issues

However, not everyone was convinced. Common’s history with high-profile women like Erykah Badu, Taraji P. Henson, and Serena Williams, all of whom experienced tumultuous breakups with him, cast a shadow over his relationship with Hudson. His pattern of not fully committing became even more apparent with his relationship with Angela Rye, which ended because of differing views on having children.

Common’s brief relationship with Tiffany Haddish also ended in controversy. Haddish later revealed that Common had led her to believe they had a future together, only to withdraw when things got serious. She contradicted Common’s claims that their breakup was mutual, stating that he decided the relationship had run its course.

Jennifer Hudson’s Past

Jennifer Hudson’s reluctance to marry is influenced by her past traumatic experiences. Her previous engagement to David Otunga ended after nearly a decade, amid allegations of domestic violence and emotional manipulation. Otunga’s behavior, including coercing their son to spy on Hudson, left deep scars. This history of trauma likely contributed to her caution in her relationship with Common.

The Proposal Rejection

When Common proposed to Jennifer Hudson, she declined, citing his reputation as a player and her own past experiences as reasons for her hesitation. According to sources, Common did not take the rejection well and protested vehemently, trying to convince Hudson that he had changed. However, Hudson stood firm, prioritizing her well-being over the potential risks of marriage.

Public and Fan Reactions

Public opinion has been divided, with many fans supporting Hudson’s decision. Comments on social media reflect a general consensus that Hudson made the right choice by not rushing into a marriage with someone known for commitment issues. Fans praised her for seeing the red flags and protecting her happiness and accomplishments.


The drama between Jennifer Hudson and Common highlights the complexities of celebrity relationships. Hudson’s decision to turn down Common’s proposal and file a lawsuit against him underscores her determination to protect herself from potential harm. Common’s history of fleeting relationships and commitment issues, combined with Hudson’s traumatic past, made marriage a risky proposition.

As the legal battle unfolds, it remains to be seen whether this marks the definitive end of their relationship or if there is a possibility for reconciliation. What is clear, however, is that Hudson’s choice to prioritize her well-being has garnered widespread support and admiration.

Your Thoughts

What do you think about Jennifer Hudson’s decision to turn down Common’s proposal and file a lawsuit against him? Do you believe this will lead to a permanent breakup, or is there still hope for their relationship? Share your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned for more updates on this unfolding drama.

Jennifer Hudson’s journey serves as a powerful reminder that even in the glamorous world of Hollywood, personal integrity and family protection come first. Her actions reflect a strong, resilient woman who refuses to compromise on her values, making her an inspiring figure in both the entertainment industry and beyond.

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