Common Tells Jennifer Hudson ‘This Relationship Is a Happy Place’

Jennifer Hudson tries her hand at rapping as she welcomes Common to the show!

The host and the “And Then We Rise: A Guide to Loving and Taking Care of Self” author talk about their Chicago roots and what they look for in a romantic relationship.

In a recent episode of the Jennifer Hudson Show, the host, Jennifer Hudson, welcomed legendary rapper and actor Common as her guest.

The show opened with Hudson expressing her excitement to freestyle her introduction for Common, highlighting their shared Chicago roots and admiration for each other’s accomplishments.

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As Common entered the stage to applause, the atmosphere was charged with anticipation for what the conversation would entail.

As they settled into their conversation, Hudson and Common reminisced about their upbringing in Chicago and the pride they both feel for their hometown.

Common emphasized the importance of representing Chicago wherever he goes, and Hudson echoed his sentiments, showcasing the strong bond they share as fellow Chicagoans.

The conversation took a turn when Hudson, as the host, delved into a question that often piques the curiosity of fans: Common’s relationship status.

With a playful yet respectful tone, Hudson asked Common if he was dating anyone.

In response, Common revealed that he was indeed in a relationship with someone he described as one of the most beautiful and down-to-earth individuals he had ever met.

Jennifer Hudson | LA Phil

He spoke fondly of her intelligence, love for God, and talent, setting high standards for what he looks for in a partner.

Hudson, reciprocating Common’s openness, shared that she too was in a happy relationship.

She described her partner as someone whose happiness brings her joy, emphasizing the importance of God’s guidance in their relationship.

Both Hudson and Common conveyed gratitude for the love and happiness they have found, attributing their fulfillment to their faith and mutual respect for each other’s privacy.

Throughout the conversation, there was a palpable sense of warmth and camaraderie between Hudson and Common.

Their shared experiences as artists and individuals navigating the complexities of relationships added depth to their dialogue, resonating with viewers who tuned in to the show.

As the episode concluded, Hudson encouraged viewers to subscribe to the Jennifer Hudson Show’s YouTube channel and visit the show’s website for more content.

She thanked Common for being a gracious guest and expressed her excitement for future episodes.

In summary, the episode featuring Common on the Jennifer Hudson Show provided viewers with an intimate glimpse into the lives of two accomplished artists bonded by their Chicago roots and shared values.

Their candid conversation about love, faith, and happiness served as a reminder of the importance of authenticity and connection in both personal and professional relationships.

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