Did Benny Blanco’s Instagram Story Just Reveal a Secret About Selena Gomez’s Past? What Happened to Her Casted Arm 8 Months Ago?

Selena Gomez’s fans are buzzing with excitement after discovering a hidden clue in a recent Instagram story posted by her boyfriend, Benny Blanco. The picture, seemingly innocuous at first glance, has sparked intrigue among fans as they realize it was taken six to seven months ago, around September 2023.


In the Instagram story, Selena can be seen lounging on a sun lounger, clad in a white swimsuit, while Benny rests on the floor beside her.

What caught the attention of eagle-eyed fans was the detail of an injury on Selena’s hand, covered by a black cast bandage, confirming the authenticity of the photo.


Adding to the mystery, Selena Gomez recently shared the story behind her hand injury during a radio interview. According to Gomez, she broke her hand in a rather unusual manner — by tripping over a long dress.

During her appearance on iHeart Radio’s “Ellen K Morning Show,” Gomez recounted the incident, admitting, “So I wish I had like a really cool story that I saved someone’s life or something. But I was in a long dress — it was a summer dress — and I was walking from my car to my house and I tripped.”

Selena Gomez Reveals She Broke Her Hand by Tripping Over a Long Dress

This isn’t the first time Selena Gomez has faced health challenges. In 2015, she bravely shared her diagnosis of lupus, an autoimmune disease. Subsequent complications led to a critical moment in 2017 when she underwent a life-saving kidney transplant.

At just 31 years old, Gomez has been candid about her struggles with depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. Despite these challenges, she continues to inspire fans worldwide with her resilience and openness about her journey to wellness.

Selena Gomez's Teeny Shorts Match Her Broken Hand Brace

As fans dissect the timeline of events, they’re left wondering about the significance of the Instagram story and its connection to Selena’s past.

Could this revelation offer insight into a previously undisclosed chapter of Selena Gomez’s life? Or is it simply a nostalgic moment captured in time?

Selena Gomez Applying Brow Gel With a Broken Hand Is an Inspiration to Us All — See Photos | Allure

Regardless, one thing is certain: Selena Gomez’s ability to connect with her fans on a personal level remains unwavering. Through both her music and her willingness to share her vulnerabilities, Gomez continues to be a beacon of strength for millions around the globe.

Stay tuned as the mystery surrounding Selena Gomez’s Instagram story unfolds, and fans eagerly await further revelations from their beloved pop sensation.

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