Jennifer Hudson sings Marlon Wayans’s pants off! “Ain’t No Way”

Marlon Wayans shared footage of the moment he dropped his pants while Jennifer Hudson sang one of Aretha Franklin’s songs.

Jennifer Hudson

In a clip posted by Marlon Wayans, fans got to see Jennifer Hudson channel Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin while performing the icon’s 1968 single, “Ain’t No Way.”

In the video, the Oscar and Grammy winner expertly belted out the ballad while commanding the attention of the people standing by in the room, including Wayans.

At a certain point, the camera panned over to the famed comedian, who had his pants hanging around his ankles on the floor with his sweatshirt covering up to below his hips.

Upon noticing, the actress walked away and laughed while Wayans repeated the lyrics back to her and simulated a thrust before pulling his pants back up.

Woah! Marlon Wayans Drops His Pants Watching Jennifer Hudson Perform | India Forums

Meanwhile, a voice in the background could be heard saying, “I hate you.”

“@iamjhud is Best karaoke singer ever,” Wayans wrote in the video’s caption. “WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO This woman sang my drawers off.”

“Gotta put Marlon in a home ASAP, y’all,” the voice behind the camera said.

While people in the room laughed, Hudson finished the song in between chuckles as he attempted to pull his pants down again.

Earlier this month, Hudson also shared footage from what appears to be the same gathering, writing,

“That time when @marlonwayans wanted us to sing a duet ! @lelunddurond captured this moment . @jasonmichaelwebb so graciously on the keys .

We had so many great times during the @respectmovie production . @debramarienichols in the background #lionelrichie #still @wallybean1.”

Wayans and Hudson are set to co-star in the upcoming biopic about Franklin, aptly titled Respect.

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