Selena Gomez and Connar Franklin’s Bestie Moments at Cannes 2024! Discover All About Their Bond, Engagement, and More!

Selena Gomez recently shared heartfelt moments from her friend Connar Franklin’s bachelorette party on Instagram, sparking curiosity among fans about her close friend. The pictures showed Gomez and Franklin enjoying the celebrations, leaving fans eager to learn more about this special friendship.

During the bachelorette weekend, Gomez, 31, delighted fans by posting a series of photos on Instagram. In one of the snapshots, Gomez and Franklin, 25, posed together with kissy faces, showcasing their affection and joy. Another photo featured the whole party having a blast on a boat.

Selena Gomez Attends Friend Connar Franklin's Bachelorette: Photos

“My sweet girl @connarfranklin I’m so proud to know you,” Gomez captioned the post. “So happy to spend a weekend celebrating the future with all these amazing women!” Franklin responded in the comments, expressing her love for Gomez with, “I love you so much 🥹❤️.”

In July, Franklin also highlighted their friendship with a post of her own. The duo wore matching hot pink outfits to watch the movie Barbie, and Gomez’s little sister, Gracie Teefey, was present as well, underscoring the close bond between the two friends.

Although the exact timeline of their friendship is unclear, Franklin started sharing photos with Gomez on social media in 2018. One of the earliest pictures featured the duo at Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour, where Franklin posted her first selfie with Gomez and Swift, 33. Later that month, she shared another snapshot of herself sitting beside Gomez in a car, which Gomez reposted this past January.

Over the years, their friendship has been marked by sweet birthday messages, vacations together, and shared throwback photos, highlighting their enduring bond.


Franklin is engaged to YouTube star and former Magcon member Aaron Carpenter. In February 2021, Franklin hinted at the beginning of their relationship, writing on Instagram, “Valentine’s 4eva since NYE 2017.” Carpenter, 24, proposed to Franklin in December 2022. Franklin announced the engagement on Instagram with photos of the couple kissing on a beach, captioned, “We’re engaged🤍.”

Franklin is a successful model, working with brands like Gap and Vulkan Magazine. She has a significant social media following, boasting over 270,000 followers on Instagram and more than 30,000 on TikTok. On these platforms, she shares shopping haul videos, photo shoots, and glimpses of her personal life.


Originally from Georgia, Franklin grew up with her siblings Courteney, Caressa, Caroline, and Drake before moving to Los Angeles. In 2017, she attended the Fashion & Art Institute in L.A., furthering her education and career in the fashion industry.

Selena Gomez’s inner circle includes not only Connar Franklin but also other notable figures like Connar’s sister, Caroline Franklin, 29, singer Julia Michaels, Raquelle Stevens, Liz Golden, and Ashley Cook.

This tight-knit group often spends time together, as seen in July when members like Caroline Franklin, Stevens, 31, Charm La’donna, and Anna Collins joined Gomez and Franklin to watch Barbie.

Selena Gomez Brasil on X: "ELAS VIVERAM CANNES! Selena Gomez e Connar Franklin em novas fotos do último fim de semana ❤️" / X

Selena Gomez and Connar Franklin’s friendship is a testament to the power of strong, supportive relationships. As Franklin prepares for her wedding and continues to thrive in her career, Gomez stands by her, celebrating each milestone.

Their bond, filled with love, laughter, and shared experiences, continues to inspire fans around the world.

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