Selena Gomez Pairs a Bright Pink Dress with the Comfiest Ugg Slippers Ever on ‘OMITB’ Set! How Does She Pull Off the Perfect Mix of Comfort and Glamour!

Selena Gomez was spotted on the set of “Only Murders in the Building” in New York City, flaunting a cozy yet chic ensemble featuring Ugg Slippers.

Gomez, known for her impeccable style, opted for comfort during filming as she donned a pair of Ugg Slippers.

These slippers, crafted with suede and lined with genuine shearling, offer both style and comfort, making them the perfect choice for a long day on set.

Ugg slippers have long been favored for their cozy feel and stylish design.

Made with high-quality materials, including suede and genuine shearling, these slippers provide breathable warmth and unmatched comfort.

They serve as an excellent alternative to pumps and stilettos, offering relief to tired feet without compromising on style.

Gomez’s fashion choices have always garnered attention, whether she’s walking the red carpet at Cannes or filming scenes for her latest project.

While she was seen sporting Christian Louboutin pumps and Roger Vivier slingback pumps at Cannes, she opted for Ugg Slippers for a more relaxed look on the set of “Only Murders in the Building.”

Apart from their undeniable comfort, Ugg slippers are also known for their versatility and affordability.

Available in various colorways, including the classic tan brown as seen on Gomez, these slippers cater to a wide range of preferences.

With prices typically ranging from $95 to $115, they offer luxury without breaking the bank.

“Only Murders in the Building” is a popular Hulu-exclusive series starring Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short.

The show follows three strangers who share a passion for true crime and find themselves entangled in a real-life mystery

. With its engaging plot and star-studded cast, the series has captivated audiences and earned critical acclaim. The anticipation for the upcoming season is palpable, with fans eagerly awaiting its release on August 27.

In conclusion, Selena Gomez’s choice to wear Ugg Slippers on the set of “Only Murders in the Building” showcases her commitment to both comfort and style.

With its timeless appeal and affordable price point, Ugg slippers continue to reign supreme as a must-have footwear option for any occasion.

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