Selena Gomez ROASTS Diddy for MAJOR Mistake! ‘He Thought I Was the Valet Lady?!’ What Else Did She Spill in Shocking Interview?

Selena Gomez recently divulged an amusing incident involving P. Diddy during an interview with GQ. The pop sensation recounted the time when the rapper mistook her for a valet lady and handed her his valet ticket.

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In a candid conversation with GQ, Gomez shared the lighthearted tale of her encounter with P. Diddy, highlighting the comical mix-up that occurred between them.

Despite her fame, the rapper failed to recognize her and unwittingly assumed her to be a valet attendant.

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During the interview, Gomez also briefly touched upon past speculations surrounding her health and personal life.

She clarified misconceptions about her 2014 stint in rehab, attributing it to her diagnosis of lupus rather than any other reasons speculated by the media.

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Interrupting the interviewer’s question, Gomez candidly addressed her diagnosis of lupus, emphasizing the need for understanding and acceptance.

She reiterated that her focus is on moving forward and embracing her journey, rather than dwelling on past controversies.

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Expressing her frustration with media fixation on her past, Gomez remarked on the disparity between public interest in her personal history and her aspirations for the future.

She expressed disappointment at how her past often overshadows her present endeavors and achievements.

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Amidst discussions about her past, Gomez hinted at her future projects, including a potential role as a producer for a show she described as a blend of “Entourage” and “Girls.”

This revelation sheds light on Gomez’s multifaceted talents and her aspirations beyond music and acting.

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Gomez’s openness about her experiences with lupus and the media’s scrutiny serves as an inspiration for resilience and self-empowerment.

By addressing misconceptions and embracing her journey, she encourages others to navigate challenges with grace and determination.

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