Unbelievable Revelation: Director of ‘Emilia Perez’ Shocked by Selena Gomez’s Hidden Fame! ‘I Was Unaware of Selena Gomez’s Fame When Casting Her’

Renowned director Jacques Audiard, known for his masterpiece ‘Emilia Perez’, made a startling revelation recently. He confessed to being completely oblivious to Selena Gomez’s towering fame in the United States when he cast her for his film.

Despite her massive following on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, Audiard admitted his lack of familiarity with the digital landscape.

Cannes 2024: The gonzo trans Mexican drug lord musical 'Emilia Perez' lights up festival | AP News

In an interview, Audiard shared his perspective on casting Selena Gomez, stating, “I was completely unaware of it. I’m not familiar at all with this social network, Instagram, TikTok generation. I have no access to all of that.

I knew her from Spring Breakers and the Woody Allen film she played in, [A Rainy Day in New York]. I just wanted to work with her for that. And when I met her in New York one morning in a cafe, I just knew instantly that I wanted to work with her.”

Emilia Pérez director insists he was 'completely unaware' of Selena Gomez's fame when he cast her

Despite Audiard’s initial lack of awareness, Selena Gomez’s portrayal of the character in ‘Emilia Perez’ left audiences and critics spellbound.

The film, described as a “bracingly original crime musical”, earned Gomez the prestigious Best Actress award at the 77th Cannes Film Festival.

Her co-stars Zoe Saldana, Karla Sofía Gascón, and Adriana Paz were also lauded for their remarkable performances.

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Greta Gerwig, the Jury President at the Cannes Film Festival, commended the ensemble cast for their exceptional chemistry and individual brilliance.

She emphasized, “To separate them would be to undermine the magic of what they did together. Each of them is a standout. They’re transcendent.”

Emilia Perez,' the gonzo trans Mexican drug lord musical, lights up Cannes - Washington Times

Reflecting on her audition experience, Selena Gomez revealed her initial uncertainty after not hearing back from Audiard for a year.

“Yes, we had an audition and then I didn’t hear anything. I acted insane in the audition. He wanted me to perform one of the numbers and I just surrendered and completely gave myself.

I was, like, well, at least I could walk away and say that I did my best. When he asked me to be a part of it, I was so nervous but also so excited,” Gomez expressed during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Cannes 2024: The gonzo trans Mexican drug lord musical 'Emilia Perez' lights up festival | AP News

Despite Audiard’s limited knowledge about her, Selena Gomez appreciated the director’s willingness to take a chance on her solely based on her performance.

She emphasized the significance of the opportunity, stating, “Jacques, who really didn’t know anything about me, took a chance and believed in me simply based on what I was able to do, and that was really special for me.

I think this is a really big deal, and I choose projects according to the filmmaker, to the content, to the meaning, all of it.”

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In conclusion, the story behind Selena Gomez’s breakout role in ‘Emilia Perez’ serves as a testament to both her talent and Jacques Audiard’s visionary direction.

Despite initial uncertainties, their collaboration resulted in cinematic magic that captivated audiences worldwide.

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