Drake continues to mock Kendrick Lamar for refusing to respond to the song Diss

Drake hasn’t stopped teasing Kendrick Lamar in the hopes that he’ll react to his widely shared diss song.

On Wednesday, April 17, the 6 God posted a picture of Lamar’s longtime manager, Anthony Saleh, on his Instagram stories. This time, Saleh was seen in Drake’s picture carrying bags of merchandise that appeared to be OVO branded and included the notorious owl emblem.

“Are we going to pack or not?” Drake penned in the story’s caption.

Elliott Wilson, a seasoned journalist and the then-chief content officer of TIDAL, initially revealed Saleh as Lamar’s manager back in 2021. Saleh also oversees the legendary Hip Hop artist Nas.

In November of that year, Wilson wrote, “Didn’t realize my guy Anthony Saleh @Dude_Br0 was managing Kendrick Lamar.” “Whoa. large movements. Congratulations.

Lamar has not yet responded to Drake’s remark as of this writing.

Drake has made fun of Kendrick Lamar with a picture of Saleh twice in as many days.

On Tuesday, April 16, the rapper from Toronto made fun of the Californian by sharing a picture of Lamar’s manager, Anthony Saleh, on his Instagram Stories.

Drake commented in the caption, “[turtle emoji] wonder is today the day [turtle emoji],” alluding to Kendrick Lamar’s unanswered silence over Drizzy’s most recent diss single.

Prior to that, Drizzy responded to a purported diss track by Kendrick Lamar, which is said to be a reaction to Drizzy’s criticism of “Push Ups (Drop & Give Me 50).”

The 6 Gods affiliate OVO Hush asserted that the music, which had been released, was authentic on Instagram on Monday, April 15, debunking rumors that it was artificial intelligence (AI) produced.

He captioned it, saying, “When you find out this is real, don’t forget how trаsh it was as an A.I.” (shrug emoji).

Drake quickly entered the post’s comments section and quickly reacted with an emoji of a laughing face.

Lyrics from the 90-second song clip included the following: “Now that it’s direct, it’s leaked disses from burner pages and all/ Insecure behavior from n-ggas y’all call gods” and “I dominated your favorite rapper you idolize/ My silence is enough to make n-ggas apologize.”

Rapper Daylyt supported the notion that the song was false and produced using artificial intelligence when he stated, “Ps that’s 1000% ai.” Many listeners assumed this right away.

Additionally, DJ Daji, who has worked with Kendrick on a number of successes, wrote: “AI diss tracks, man, we live in a weird time!!” In order to verify whether or not any of this is real, we require Google authentications, lol.

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