Drake fan, 11, who got surprise hospital visit from rapper learns she’s getting new heart

Drake fan, 11, who got surprise hospital visit from rapper learns she’s getting new heart 

On Sunday, 11-year-old Sofia Sanchez posted the information on her Instagram page.

Chicago’s Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital

Drake, Sofia SanchezSofia Sanchez is undergoing cardiac surgery!

The 11-year-old Drake aficionado is getting a new heart. She saw her hero last week after the Grammy winner saw her “Kiki Dance Challenge” video. Sofia first reacts to the news in an emotional video that was uploaded on her Instagram on Sunday.

On August 18, Sofia, who has been diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, celebrated her 11th birthday with two wishes. Drake’s visit to Sofia at Chicago’s Lurie Children’s Hospital last week fulfilled her first birthday desire of meeting him.

Sofia remarks, “That one did happen and it was great,” in the Instagram clip. “And my other wish is to get a heart, which is gonna happen soon.”

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Then, Sofia’s mother affirms that it will happen shortly since Sofia is having a heart transplant!

“Mom, I have a heart! God, oh God!” Sofia says, giving her mother a hug.

The GoFundMe page for Sofia was updated on Sunday to reflect the surgery’s Monday morning planned time. “Please say your prayers for Sofia and her doctors that everything goes smoothly,” the statement said. “Her recovery will last a couple of weeks before she will spend another 6-8 weeks at the Ronald Mcdonald house.”

Additionally, the note says, “Natalie hopes to be home for Thanksgiving! Additionally, would you perhaps offer up a prayer for the family that selflessly gave Sofia a heart?”

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