“I’m obsessed with him”: Erin Moriarty Invited Drake to Slide into Her DM With a Flirty Message on Live TV

Erin Moriarty rose to fame for her role as Starlight in Prime Video’s , but the actress has recently become the talk of the town after pictures of her seemingly different after-surgery look resurfaced online. She has not yet confirmed nor denied the rumors.

erin moriarty as starlight

Erin Moriarty as Starlight

Moriarty has been very private about her relationships, though she and co-star Antony Starr have become the subject of speculations in the past. While she is not revealing anything about her dating life, the star shockingly confessed a crush on Drake live on television.

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Erin Moriarty Couldn’t Wait For Drake To Hit Her Up On Instagram

During her appearance in , actress Erin Moriarty talked about the time she discovered music artist Drake follows her on Instagram. She could not believe it at first, and even when she saw his name on her followers’ list, the actress remained skeptical.




More shockingly, Moriarty admitted she does not follow Drake on social media. She claimed she only follows people close to her circle.


The actress told everyone about this momentous event, even revealing that she followed him back afterward on the platform. Moriarty said live on television that she is waiting for Drake to send her a message on Instagram.


Now that they are mutuals on Instagram, it’s possible that they have formed a conversation already. Moriarty did not reveal if she ever got the chance to talk to Drake.

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Who Is Erin Moriarty Currently Dating?

erin moriarty as starlight 2Erin Moriarty as Starlight

While Erin Moriarty has been linked to a couple of actors, including her co-star, Antony Starr, she seems to be living the single life. In the past, she was rumored to be dating actor Jacob Artist, but this was never confirmed.

More shockingly, the actress was also linked to Pedro Pascal. Yes, star! They have countless photos together on social media from years ago, one even showed both of them together in a living room, and Moriarty called the actor her “.”

The actress remains secretive about her dating life, but she was very open to admitting that she likes Drake so much she wants to receive a DM from him.

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