50 Cent Thinks No One Should Beef with Drake: ‘Leave This Man Alone’

50 Cent’s Girlfriend Cuban Link Makes Post About “Change” Amid Rapper Claiming He’s Practicing Abstinence

Seems like there could be some tension between media mogul 50 Cent and his girlfriend Cuban Link.

The couple both made interesting posts to their social media pages recently that suggest they could be taking some time away from each other.

50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, 48, took to his page talking about removing “distractions” from his life to focus on his career, including 𝓈ℯ𝓍, writing:

“My new idea is so big, I don’t have time to be distracted I’m practicing abstinence,

He added:

“I have been meditating and focusing on my goals. I hope this New Year helps you excel to the next level.”

While he didn’t directly address his girlfriend , 29, who’s widely known by her social media handle, the content creator did post her own ambiguous message about embracing change in life and relationships around the same time. Her upload read:

“Somethings you’re allowed to change. The plan you had for your life…your mind…your beliefs – about love, about life, and everything in between. The people who you trust your heart and soul with…the version of yourself you show the rest of the world…isn’t who you have to be forever,”

And added as a caption to the post:

“Give yourself grace”

At this time, it’s unclear whether or not the two are alluding to a breakup. 50 and Cuban have been reportedly dating since 2019 and went public with their romance in 2020. The couple seemed to have been doing well in their relationship, and it was even speculated last year that they were headed towards an engagement. Though the “Power” producer’s reps subsequently shut down the claims.

More recently, the two haven’t appeared in any social media posts together as normal, suggesting they may indeed be taking a break. However, 50 does have quite a number of TV projects in the works that are likely taking up a lot of his attention. As we’ve previously covered, the entertainer is currently working on series based on the 2002 movie “8 Mile” that starred rapper Eminem, which was loosely based on his life.

Additionally, 50 still has several installments from his hit series “Power” airing on the STARZ network. He is also producing even more forthcoming projects such as a boxing series called “Fightland”, and another called “Vice City” about 80’s soldiers retuning home to Miami after being dishonorably discharged from the army.

However, the media titan hasn’t said anything about the status of his relationship with Cuban Link at this time.

Do you think 50 Cent and Cuban Link may have called it quits? Let us know in the comments! 

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