How father Will Smith shows his love for his children: ‘I kiss the children every day’

Will Smith is alienating his kids. On Showtime’s All the Smoke on Thursday, the Emancipation star discussed his changing connection with his three children. 

Smith thinks he’s doing the finest parenting now with Willow, 22, Jaden, 24, and Trey, 30, from a previous relationship. 

“This may be my best fatherhood. For my first son, I was fine. I improved with Jaden. Willow gave me my sea legs, and during my latter years, I had endured enough to gain wisdom “Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson ask him about his connection with his kids. 

“This last year with my kids has been the best parenting,” he says. I’d tell someone that everyone starts out bad. Not being good is OK. Making errors is OK, because learning and growing yourself is better for your kids.”

Smith realised he was losing touch with his adult children and chose to change his emphasis. 

“Probably about two years ago, I guess I noticed a little bit of a lack in my ability to connect and love on a deep level,” he adds. “I noticed it with Willow… I realised I wasn’t as good at connecting and loving. Could provide. Lay it out. When my kids reached for me, I failed to provide the depth they needed. I thought, what does that meаn? I needed to analyse my life thoroughly.”

The Oscar-winner said working through his relationship with his children helped him analyse his father’s position in his life.  

“I questioned my reasons. I aspired to global cinematic stardom. Why? “I wrote my memoir by digging into my life’s experiences.” “One of the worst things I faced was my father’s domestic abuse, which I never talked about. In writing the book, I gave myself permission to write and purge. My mother and I had never discussed it before I did it. I didn’t tell my mother my father abused her until I was 50.”

Smith also discussed another family member who influenced his actions in the interview. King Richard actor said his nephew reacted to him slapping Chris Rock after his joke about Pinkett Smith at the 2022 Oscars.  

“That was a horrific night for me,” he says. I come home to my nine-year-old nephew Dom. The sweetest kid ever. He and my sister live here. We have kitchen bean bags. He sits between my legs in the kitchen. He holds the Oscar. ‘Why you Һit that man, Uncle Will?’ And I said, ‘Ughhh’ You cannot explain anything to him.”

Smith has apologised to Rock many times since the incident.

Smith’s family attended the Emancipation premiere on Wednesday. 

ET interviewed Smith, who walked the carpet with his wife and three kids. The actor discussed the film, about a liberated slаve who starts over, during the interview. 

“The recognition of the relationship between suffering and salvation, the realisation that nobody gets out of bearing their cross,” stated. “It’s just been a really beautiful, beautiful transformation.” 

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