Jada Smith talks about her love story with young lover August Alsina: ‘He gives me emotions that Will Smith cannot’

Jada Pinkett Smith maintains that she did not cheat on her husband Will Smith despite her well-known “entanglement” with musician August Alsina.

The Girls Trip star disclosed last week that she and Smith haven’t been together since 2016, but they’ve been going to therapy to “figure things out.”

“I simply want everyone to understand that, no, I didn’t cheat on Will Smith. Jada stated on TalkShopLive on Saturday, “It didn’t matter how depressed he looked at that table.”

“And you will kind of understand why the ‘Red Table’ even happened in the first place when you read [my upcoming memoir],” she continued.

The actress had disclosed that she had an affair with Alisna when she and Smith were apart “for a period of time” in that eye-opening Red Table Talk episode.

She revealed more details about her and the I Am Legend star’s present marital status in her interview with NBC last week.

She said with pleasure, “I’m in a place of happiness and tranquilly. To be honest, I adore my current location. Regarding Will, as you are aware, we underwent that protracted time apart so that we could travel apart and then do some travelling together.

“I’m thrilled because it seems like we’ve arrived at a really nice place together. Yes, I am in that location. I am at last content in this phase of my life,” she continued. 

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