The VERY SAD Life Of Will Smith and Jada’s Children, Willow & Jaden

One of the pivotal moments in their marriage was brought to the forefront during an episode of Jada’s Red Table Talk. The couple openly discussed Jaden Smith’s battle with malnourishment in May 2018. Jaden, who had adopted a vegetarian diet, faced health issues leading to concerns about his well-being. Dr. Mark Hyman, invited to intervene, diagnosed Jaden with gluten and dairy sensitivity due to his diet choices. The revelations sparked discussions about Jaden’s health and dietary decisions, with the Smith family addressing the issues on a public platform.

Jaden’s struggles extended beyond physical health, as he later opened up about his mental health challenges. His unconventional approach to dealing with these issues included the use of mushrooms, emphasizing their role in self-discovery and breaking down internal barriers. While controversial, Jaden credited mushrooms as the inspiration behind his clothing line, “Trippy Summer,” designed for misfits forging their unique journeys.


Controversy has been a constant companion in the Smith family’s public narrative. Jaden, known for his outspoken nature, expressed his desire to live independently at a young age, challenging societal norms and educational systems. His tweets against formal education stirred debates, with critics questioning the influence of such statements on his large following.


In 2018, Jaden created waves by declaring Tyler, the Creator, as his boyfriend during a public appearance. Initially perceived as serious, it turned out to be a jest, showcasing Jaden’s penchant for playful controversies.


Willow, too, faced scrutiny from a young age. Her music video for “Summer Fling” drew backlash for portraying her in a mature light at just 12 years old. Additionally, a photo with actor Moises Arias, then 20, in bed triggered an investigation by child protective services, leading to vehement denials from Jada.


As an adult, Willow faced criticism for her debut novel, “The Black Shield Maiden,” accused of misrepresenting Amazigh people and Islamic culture. Excerpts depicting the Amazigh as violent stirred outrage, prompting calls for responsible representation and sensitivity.



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