Will Smith’s son Jaden Gets in trouble with police while driving around with girlfriend

Will Smith’s son Jaden Gets in trouble with police while driving around with girlfriend

Jaden Smith, the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, was spotted getting into a bit of trouble over the weekend while out with his girlfriend, Sab Zada.

The couple were spending time in Beverly Hills when Jaden seemingly found himself on the receiving end of a parking ticket.

Photographs caught the two enjoying lunch in the upscale Los Angeles area on Saturday when the incident took place.

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Jaden’s Tesla Got A Parking Ticket

Jaden Smith

After their meal, Jaden and Sab headed towards his eye-catching aqua and rainbow-colored Tesla Model X shortly after parking enforcement had attended to the vehicle, which was parked in a red zone. Jaden sported a lavender jacket and gray shorts, while he completed his look with pastel socks and white sneakers.

For her parent, Sab – who’s been linked to the rapper since 2020 — opted for an oversized Ford Motor Company jacket layered over a form-fitting crop top. The social media personality accessorized with a blue baseball cap, complementing her long pink hair that coordinated seamlessly with her top. She finished her look with loose-fitting jeans and sneakers, adding a touch of flair with a sizable denim duffel bag in one hand and a vibrant pink purse in the other.

Jaden’s expression seemed surprised upon learning about the parking violation, though much of his face was concealed under his hood, away from photographers. The couple seemed to continue on with their casual day despite the setback.

This Isn’t Jaden’s First Brush With The Law

Jaden Smith

Jaden has found himself at the center of various controversies and legal challenges over the years. In 2014, he faced criticism for wearing a white Batman costume while attending Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding. While some fans found his eccentric outfit entertaining, others viewed it as a stunt that detracted from the seriousness of the event.Top of Form

The musician’s involvement in environmental activism has also led to scrutiny. In 2019, he launched JUST Water, a brand of eco-friendly bottled water. While praised for his efforts to reduce plastic waste, Jaden faced backlash for the environmental impact of the product’s packaging and distribution.

Moreover, the celebrity offspring has faced a variety of minor infractions, such as parking tickets, which have drawn media attention.

Jaden’s dad Will Smith has faced his share of legal troubles over the years, too, including an incident in 1989 where he was arrested for assault. In 2012, his production company was sued for allegedly stealing the idea for the film Hitch.

Additionally, in 2013, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s school, New Village Leadership Academy, faced criticism and lawsuits over allegations of mistreatment and the unauthorized use of the Church of Scientology’s study methods.

However, unlike his father, Jaden Smith’s legal issues have been relatively minor, such as his recent parking tickets. For now, the rapper hasn’t commented on his parking infraction.

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